Muscle Growth Preparation

Sunday 29th June 2014

MEET PRINCIPLES muscle growth
Principles of muscle growth brings different techniques and principles for maximum streamlining your tréningu.Princípy muscle growth are often referred to as "Weider System" or "Weider Principles." Many of these principles are time-tested procedures brothers Weiderovci have observed, recorded, were sorted and named . Tentosystém developed a long time and incorporates the most practical training ideas.
By application areas, individual principles divided into three categories:
  • principles for planning each training cycle
  • principles for the compilation of exercises in each workout
  • principles for the proper execution of each exercise
the principle of the primacy of muscle
In any workout first rehearse always 
weakest games, or always rehearse before the big party less.
principle pre-tiredness muscle
Perform an isolated single joint exercise before multijoint 
pyramid principle
Training start with light weight and high number of 
repetitions. Gradually add weight and reduce repetition.
Principle series
Exercise one series for game is way out of date. 
Principle series is ideal for a number of performing a series of each 
exercise. This will overcome the adaptive threshold stress, which results underpin 
muscle growth.
principle supersets
Rotate the exercises on the opposite (antagonistic) muscle 
Collections with minimal pauses between them.
principle combined series
Rotate the exercises on the same game with a short 
rest between sets.
principle trippleseries
Perform three exercises for one group immediately behind 
with minimal breaks between sets.
principle gigantic series
Perform 4-6 exercises for one game short 
rest between them.
Shedding principle (reduced, descending) series
After reaching muscle failure immediately reduce the weight and 
continue the exercise to the next failure.
principle embedded series
Among the series for large areas (thighs, breasts, back) 
Insert a series of small, difficult or slow-growing areas (abdomen, calves, 
principle of interval series
With a weight of 80 to 90% of your maximum Perform 2-3 
perfect repetition and load one side. After a short pause, repeat 2-3 more 
repetitions, rest and add the last 2-3 repetitions. Overall follows odcvičte 
3-4 sets with resting intervals. Short breaks are sufficient to resynthesis of ATP, which 
allows you to perform more reps with heavy weight.
principle of instinctive training
Develop your own sixth sense. Develop a instinctive ability to compile cycles, training, diet, determine degrees of intensity, the number of sets and reps ... Look what you like best shots. Do experiments Book and pay attention to results. 
You'll notice that one of the principles is appears in all three categories. It's that instinctive training is very individual matter. Themselves know best response of your body, you know their weaknesses, but also strengths. 
The whole system is just a sophisticated tool for your own training methods. The development of these methods gives you the chance of continuous progress and exploring new horizons training. It all depends on your goals, perseverance, skills and experience. Using Weider principles get huge benefits not only for the overall planning, but also for the implementation of the training itself.