Muscle Growth Planning

Sunday 29th June 2014

MEET PRINCIPLES muscle growth
Principles of muscle growth brings different techniques and principles for maximum streamlining your tréningu.Princípy muscle growth are often referred to as "Weider System" or "Weider Principles." Many of these principles are time-tested procedures brothers Weiderovci have observed, recorded, were sorted and named . Tentosystém developed a long time and incorporates the most practical training ideas.
By application areas, individual principles divided into three categories:
  • principles for planning each training cycle
  • principles for the compilation of exercises in each workout
  • principles for the proper execution of each exercise
principle of progressive overload
The basis of any performance enhancing fitness is 
to force the muscles to work harder than they were accustomed.
principle of periodization training
Divide your training year into smaller separate 
cycles. In each cycle will then focus on the period of increasing strength, 
period of taking mass as well as a period of preparation for competition. Such is periodizáciou 
avoid injury and prevent stagnation. Keep your body in constant alert, 
susceptible to change.
the principle of dividing training (split system)
Divide your training week to practice 
especially the upper and lower body separately. So allow your body to achieve 
intense load.
principle of double (triple) division training
Your training divide into shorter units 2-3 
(Phase). In this way, you can concentrate better on each phase and at each 
well to develop the highest exercise intensity.
the principle of muscle confusion
Muscles can adapt to a particular type of stress. After 
same time, they get used and stagnate. To avoid stagnation, constantly 
Rotate your best exercises, weights, sets, reps.
principle eclectic training
For best results, try to choose a 
combine the various, often conflicting opinions. For example, in one training 
units combine power, volume and molding techniques.
principle of holistic training
Different muscle fibers respond differently to different forms of 
stress. Using the rich variety of sets and reps, using different weights, 
intensity and frequency of training to achieve the desired development of muscle mass.
principle of instinctive training
Develop your own sixth sense. Develop a 
instinctive ability to compile cycles, training, diet, determine degrees of intensity, 
the number of sets and reps ... Look what you like best shots. Experiment 
a little and pay attention to results.