Effects of Steroids

Friday 18th April 2014

Effects of Steroids
The effects of steroids is widely accepted , they are strong advocates of muscle mass and strength , but that's not all. It is often claimed that the effects of steroids will rot your liver , lead to heart attack , stroke, and in some cases , even HIV . You've heard the stories about raging lunatic ; Men who have supplemented with steroids only their brains have melted and mutated into a crunchy pile of evil. Of course, none of these claims turn the negative nature to hold some truth , and mass and strength while true it is a little vague . This leaves us with only one question ; what are the actual effects of steroids ?
Anabolic steroids are not foreign substances to the body ; they share nothing in common with prescription or even drugs. Anabolic steroids are hormones, and they play all the hormones naturally produced based on the primary androgen testosterone with the androgen dihydrotestosterone also have an important role ; they are just synthetic versions . For example, if we supplement with the primary anabolic steroid testosterone, while we make testosterone in Fashion exogenous our bodies devoid of any distinctive feature in exogenous testosterone and naturally produced ; it's just testosterone. If this is the case, and we assure you it is , raises another important question ; Therefore, supplement with anabolic steroids ?
The positive effects of steroids
There are two main reasons for the anabolic steroid use; therapeutic treatment and performance enhancement. With therapeutic treatment, there are two main approaches ; Your body lacks a certain hormone and apply more to meet their needs, or excess amounts are provided to fix a particular state. Then we have improved performance , and in this case again , the idea is to add excessive amounts of specific hormones, such that the effects of steroids , the results similar to arise as a hormone to a greater extent . In many ways , there are some strong overlap , as it relates to the therapeutic treatment and performance enhancement ; the biggest difference in the residual total doses .
If it is a therapeutic treatment, it comes together 12 possible reasons for supplementation, and each is listed below. With some of them , you will begin to easily see how the effects of steroids can improve performance ; after all , as I said , there are some strongly overlapping factors. In any case, the effects of steroids , as it relates to the therapeutic treatment mainly revolve around the following :