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Delivery Information

The price for sending goods
  • Recommended letter (worldwide) - 15EUR
  • After sending the goods we offer our customers the possibility to track the package online.



How much time does it take to order and subsequent delivery of goods?
  • Immediately after receiving your order we will send you an email order confirmation and follow the instructions for payment. The order is processed within 1-2 business days after receipt of payment. In a case of any delay we will inform you, which happens rarely and basic this is affected, for example, customs clearance, postal services and etc. 
Limit orders
  • Steroidmall has no limit orders. So the client can make a small order first to make sure it is completely satisfied with the quality of the product and our services. Similarly, no limitations apply to the maximum. Do not hesitate to contact us, however, a question of the amount of goods ordered in connection with import regulations in your country.
  • Based on differences legitimacy purchase these specific products, it is recommended to seek professional advice from a qualified attorney in your country.
Legitimacy company
  • Steroidmall is engaged in professional selling and sending of pharmaceutical products. We do not work with small branches or other similar companies, but source products directly from manufacturers. Guaranteeing their originality and quality for our customers from the world of bodybuilding and fitness.
Ways to purchase our products
  • We are the only on-line store, we provide our services through our website and then by post.
Customer service
  • Steroidmall customer service includes consulting, total feedback, support. We are on-line 24/7 for all your questions or comments.
  • Steroidmall a payment system as a bank transfer.
Delivery of goods
  • Every single order goes through our hands. We know how our customers appreciate discretion and hence the name of our company is not recorded on the package.The goods are distributed from many our offices around the world. The products themselves are great care packed into the package and for reducing the volume removed with their original packaging.
  • In the case of large orders, we split your order into multiple quantities of packages.
Shipment orders
  • From our experiences we know that the usual delivery time is estimated 14 working days. However, we are not competent to issue the post, over which we have no control. In some cases it can happen that order arrives in 35 days, which happens very rarely. This is mainly due to the process of postal services.